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December 5, 2013
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RD | Oliver. by shattered-butterfly RD | Oliver. by shattered-butterfly
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[ B a s i c s . ]
Name : Oliver Sasaki
Alias : Hot Shot
Gender : Male
Height : 5' 6"
D/o/B : November o1.
Age : 17 years old

[ W e a p o n s . ]
Aerosol Spray Paints :
Though having an extensive collection of aerosol spray paints of almost every known brand; Plutonium is usually the top favorite he prefers to have at hand. A nice & thick paint; Plutonium covers remarkably well on quick bombings, the "anti-gravity valve" also helping to ensure the ability to spray paint from the can from any angle. Though the paints themselves pose no real harm, most have been modified, having traces of benzene & other additional chemicals mixed into them to make highly flammable & to also help slow the quick-drying process of the paint. The heavy mixture of the paints & the additional ingredients added in releases a heavy poisonous chemical when used. This poison, when inhaled by anyone in close range can easily fall ill to it's effects & if inhaled at high levels can lead to death.

Zippo Lighter :
An old & somewhat rustic zippo lighter that Oliver had stolen from his brother. He keeps it close, valuing it & the small message he carved on the back bottom corner of the lighter.

Chains :
On occasion he would use the long chains that he has strapped along his belts; mostly as a last resort. The chains are long & durable, often used like a whip to catch or inflict damage on enemies.

Candies :
Having inhaled some of the poisonous chemicals himself, he had to find a way to cure it. After various test & experiments has created a specialized candy with ingredients in it that counteract the poison's effects. He carries several of them with him all the time just in case.

[ O p i n i o n . ]
Unsure whether or not to be grateful for accepting the game; it's clear to say that he isn't in a big hurry to return back to the real world to face the troubles that await him. Though being someone who's not afraid to get his hands dirty, he does get uneasy at the thought of possibly having to end up killing someone though burning them to a smoldering crisp is a different story.

[ P e r s o n a l i t y . ]
Intelligent | Sarcastic | Calculating | Arrogant | Hot-headed | Possessive | Curious | Soft-hearted | Protective

Often found to be lost in thought & in his own little world; Oliver gives little to no attention to anyone or anything that goes on around him that he finds annoying. His entire life, he wasn't one to socialize easily with others, never really finding common ground with others his age. Though in his attempts his arrogance would often get the better of him & would be quick to look down on others if they ever tried to approach him. This exact reason being why he can be found with his headphones on almost 24/7 to further help him ignore & avoid communication with idiots people.
He knows that he can't avoid everyone all the time & if he ever does get caught in a conversation, he would often be quick & straight to the point to the end the conversation as soon as possible. If a conversation prolongs, Oliver has the tendency to become a little bitch. Being straight forward & blunt with his words, he won't sugarcoat a lie & would often accompany his harsh truth with a witty or sarcastic remark. The moron hears only what he wants to hear & ignores everything else. He doesn't care if he offends someone that he isn't close to.
Though he tries his best to give little attention towards most, he does in fact have the attention spam of a mutt who would perk up at the sight of a squirrel. He does have his curious moments & would try to socialize without being too much of an ass. If he's lucky not to scare or burn someone to a crisp, he can become a bit clingy. Though he tries to give a bitchy i-don't-give-a-fuck type of attitude like a badass, he is far from really being that.
Oliver hates to show it but in truth is soft-hearted. He hates this about himself because all he's known was how easily others had been able to manipulate & use him. He tries his best not to show but would often be unable to if he begins to grow close to someone or becomes too stressed in difficult situations. If he does find someone he likes, he'd want to spend time & tag along with them. He loosens up a bit & shows a softer & somewhat kinder side. Not wanting to displease or upset, he would become submissive towards them. He can become possessive & does get easily envious however when he sees something or someone he wants in the hands of another.

[ L i k e s & D i s l i k e s . ]

+ graffiti art or any type of street art
+ setting anything & everything on fire on occasion those he hates
+ creating his own explosives & spray paints
+ his ipod & music
+ like a bunny, he likes to cuddle but won't admit it
- anyone he deems "attractive"
- blood easily makes him nauseous
- actually 'fighting' people 
- scary movies [cos al dat bloood & total coward so yea ; 3;]
- people crying especially girls [lies by saying it's annoying but actually gets him in the feelz so yah]

[ R e l a t i o n s h i p s . ]

Player : Noriko Tomoka [ ]
Status : Friend
Opinion : "She reminds me a lot of Ari.. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad one."

Player : Kurai Usagi [ ]
Status : Acquaintance
Opinion : "Skittish; maybe because he's still getting use to this place.."

Player : Rieko Koga [ ]
Status : Acquaintance
Opinion : "She ruined my experiment.." e 3 e

[ ahlkjhdkj i know i've rped with a few more people but i can't remeber!! gomen! if i rped with you tell me to add you peas!<3. >//3//< ]

[ B i o g r a p h y .]
coming soon.. >///<

[ T r i v i a . ]
- skilled arsonist thanks to his older brothers
- though being a talented writer (graffiti artist) he is shitty when it comes to actually drawing with pencil on paper
- can often threaten if provoked; meaning put out his fires & your dead
- his voice comes out a bit filtered due to his gas mask; kinda harsh/odd
- without his gas mask, his voice is gentle & soft
- he will never let others see him cry, no matter the situation
- he’s a nerd; he absolutely loves science & mathematics >//3//<
- since he doesn't like to take his headphones off, he has learned how to lip read

[ R P . ]
- skype [ preferred ; v; ]
- dAchats / skype chats [ i'm really shy though ;//3//; ]
- notes
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Ooooooo (/*3*)/ smexy!!!! We should rp sometimes ~^.^~
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